Purchase PADs

PADs are now available for purchase through Paper Analytics, and we are making the beta version of the Android phone app available to selected partners.

PADs are currently available from the Lieberman research group at a cost of $2 per PAD + mailing costs. They are supplied in packs of 10 or 20 units that are heat-sealed in a metallized zip-top bag.  Academic researchers and laboratory staff at drug regulatory agencies can obtain trial samples at lower cost--please contact Dr. Lieberman. 

Training packs are available from the Lieberman research group at a cost of $40 per unit + mailing costs. The training packs contain 14 PADs, 14 training and certification samples, and PAD reading guides and logbooks.  

The most recent version of the PAD field screening manual is available for viewing "live" on Google Docs and may be downloaded and printed at no cost.

PADs sealed in their packaging are stable for at least 12 months if stored in a refrigerator, and stable for at least 4 months under tropical conditions.  Once the zip-top bag is opened, the PADs should be stored in the bag and used within 2 weeks. 

Pad Training Pack 1 Mb
Training pack contains 14 PADs, 14 blinded samples, reading guide, and log book. Contact us to arrange a Zoom training session.