Get Involved (DPAL and MICRO)

Faculty at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs):  

The Distributed Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab (DPAL) offers an opportunity for your analytical lab to demonstrate system suitability for an essential medicine and then carry out assays of samples from partners in low and middle income countries.

The MICRO project provides paper analytical devices for hands-on active learning, including acid-base and redox titrations, design-your-own-device millifluidics, electrochemistry, spectrophotometry, and equilibrium and stoichiometry activities. 

Graduate and postdoctoral students

Contact Prof. Lieberman for information about graduate projects and postdoc opportunities.  

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Undergraduate students

Please contact project faculty directly for academic year undergrad research opportunities and possible summer research.

Depending on your background and interests, you could:

  • Develop a new lane test and integrate it with an existing PAD prototype
  • Interface test cards with mass spectrometers
  • Write software to teach a computer to "read" a test card
  • Integrate whole cell biosensors with PAD tests
  • Investigate new types of reactions that are suitable for environmental samples or nutritional analyses
  • "Edison" around in the rapid prototyping facility to help solve manufacturing and design problems

The main requirements for undergraduate researchers: Time (at least 8 hr/week), persistence, creativity, intellectual engagement, good communication skills, willingness to learn, and a high tolerance for frustration.

Buy PADs

Intellectual property and licensing

Please contact Timothy Joyce for information about licensing this technology, or to request a standard non-disclosure agreement or materials transfer agreement form.

Support the PADs Project with a donation

We greatly appreciate the generous contributions from individuals, companies, and foundations that have provided summer research stipends for several Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College undergraduates in the past three years.  

At Notre Dame: Visit the Development web page and note that your donation should support the PADs project.

At Saint Mary's College: Visit the Giving online site and note that your donation should support the PADs project.