AMPATH/MTRH Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab

This web page hosts user manuals and other documentation for the HPLC lab at AMPATH/MTRH.  Materials on this site are available for public viewing and downloading.  Confidential documents and data should be archived on the Box site (link to be added)

HPLC lab at AMPATH/MTRH  (May 26, 2015)

Two Waters 2695 high-performance liquid chromatography systems with Waters 2487 UV-Vis detectors are sited in the ISO-certified AMPATH reference lab at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital.  

HPLC instruments at pharmaceutical analysis lab

Facility plan:

This is the only operational HPLC system in Western Kenya, so it is positioned to provide unique services in pharmaceutical characterization, therapeutic drug monitoring, and research support.  The instruments are connected via videoconferencing software to a duplicate instrument sited at Prof. Lieberman's lab at the University of Notre Dame, which will provide training and troubleshooting assistance.  

In 2015/2016, our goals are capacity development for HPLC operators and working towards ISO certification of the HPLC lab.  We anticipate focusing on analysis of pharmaceuticals and veterinary medications collected in Western Kenya.  During this year we hope to provide 2-4 operators with a two-week HPLC training course at an ISO-certified instrumental analysis labs, such as the CePAT site in Accra, Ghana.  

For 2016-2018, our goal is to establish several protocols for therapeutic drug monitoring on a recharge basis.  This service will help to sustain the HPLC facility and will support educational outreach activities and regional capacity development for instrumental analysis.