Summer research students join PAD project

Author: Marya Lieberman

Summer is a great time for student research, and we are glad to welcome undergraduates Ivan Leung, Rebecca Ryan, Steven Froelich, Cameron Miller, and Esseabasi Etim, along with high school researchers Margaret Berta, Mike Dowd, and Myracle Newsome.  

Ivan is a long time project member who has been helping Nick design and test the urinary iodide PAD.  This summer he was awarded SURF funding.  Rebecca and Steven are chemical engineers who answered the call for HPLC analysis of our 800 drug samples from Kenya;  they will work with Margaret, Myracle, and Mike to conduct forensic packaging analysis, PAD testing, and "gold standard" HPLC quantification of active ingredients.   Esseabasi is a student at Winthrop University who is doing an REU this summer;  he will be working with Gail and CS graduate student Sandipan Banerjee to develop new chemical tests and build up the library of lane results for the image analysis program.  Cameron is a student intern at Springboard Engineering; he is taking on some of the routine fabrication of PADs under the direction of Gail Weaver.  Welcome all.