Paper Test for Quantifying Iodine Presented at Fall ACS 2013 National Meeting

Author: Nicholas Myers

I presented a poster at the ACS meeting in Indianapolis, IN on September 8 titled, “Iodate Quantification in Fortified Salt Using a Paper Analytical Device.” The PAD can measure part per million (ppm) levels of iodine, which is like jumping into a sea of a million red balls and coming back up with the single green ball!

I reported on the accuracy, precision, and usability of the device.  Interpreting the device by eye, the accuracy and precision are very good: under 0.5 ppm iodine. In July 2013, Marya and I traveled to Mombasa, Kenya to visit a salt manufacturer.  We tested the saltPAD while there, and it produced similar process manufacturing outcomes as the gold standard method of titration. The next steps are to conduct an external lab validation to prove the PAD works in the hands of other analysts and develop software that can automatically read the PAD to eliminate human reading errors.