PADs make the Kenyan News

Author: Marya Lieberman

Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016:  The Nation (one of the main Kenyan newspapers) published an article about our effort to detect low quality drugs in Eldoret, Kenya.  

"The testing is done using a gadget developed in association with American researchers.....

The kit takes only five minutes to test the chemicals in the drugs.

“The sample of the drug is applied at a marked place in the device. It is then dipped in water vertically while holding it straight to allow water to rise into the strip. After five minutes, you will notice a pink colour on one side of PAD, meaning the colour reaction is over,” Ms Maina said. 

Every card contains 12 strips which react with a drug to create a colour bar code that gives information about the chemical content of the medicine.

These colours are read against a set standard of expected outcomes, thus tell if a drug is genuine.

“If, for example, you expected to get green at the end of the exercise but you get yellow, definitely there is a problem with the drug,” she said."