New system for tracking DPAL samples and data piloted

Author: Marya Lieberman

Working with the ARTiFACT Verify team, we are developing a system to monitor every stage of post-market surveillance, from sample collection to assay reports and dashboarding.  The pilot of the Verify system underwent a live test in July, with participation from Prof. Ayenew Ashenef at Addis Ababa University, Prof. Tim Johann at Roanoke College, and the Lieberman group at Notre Dame.  The pilot shows that the system can track sample provenance, metadata, and chain of custody in addition to recording PAD test results and HPLC assay data and QA/QC reports.  Members of the DPAL network and our field partners in Malawi and Kenya are invited to join the next stage of development of this system, with scaleup training starting in early August.