CePAT provides facilities for pharmacopeia testing and training in Ghana

Author: Marya Lieberman

Last Thursday May 21, I had the opportunity to visit the Center for Pharmaceutical Advancement and Training in Accra, Ghana.  This lab facility was established by USP in May of 2013, so it's just two years old. The director is Dr. Eric Kwasi Boateng.   The lab carries out USP analysis of a wide range of pharmaceuticals;  they work with manufacturers who want to ensure high quality products, and also with organizations that buy lots of medical products, such as country MRAs and NGOs.  The lab also develops new tests  and offers training sessions and hands-on workshops to teach medical regulators and analytical chemists how to perform the assays.  There is even a course in HPLC troubleshooting and maintenance.  It's a really useful resource.  

Here is my guide, Geoffrey Togoh:


The facility has mostly Agilent and Perkin-Elmer HPLCs (plus lots of other instrumentation, such as the special apparatus for doing dissolution testing)